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How My Family's Health Improved After Mold Remediation With Laura Wittman

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How can the human body react to the presence of mold? For some it can go completely unnoticed, for others, sadly, the consequences can be very dangerous. In today’s episode, we’ll get to listen to one of the most powerful testimonies about air contamination related to mold inside a residential building and how one woman was able to change her circumstances to improve her health and her family’s.

When you reach a point of desperation so big that you start questioning everything around you, when you start to feel like you exhausted all your resources and there’s nothing else you can do to fix your situation, that’s when you really need to pack your strength and trust your instincts. That’s what Laura Wittman - my guest for today’s episode - did when her family began to suffer the consequences of the presence of mold inside their home and couldn’t locate the areas affected by humidity and water damage.

Tune in to listen to Laura’s story and find out, how she was able to win her long and tiring battle against mold to regain her family’s health. 

Keynotes discussed:

  • Our mold story. Laura's crusade into finding the root of her family’s health issues (02:50)
  • The heartbreaking process of not finding the solutions to my help my family (05:15)
  • Developing the right criterion to address any mold-related problem  (11:39)
  • Finding the sources of mold and water damage inside my home (15:57)
  • The list of the 10 sources of mold spotted in Laura’s house (20:40)
  • Coming through all the irregularities committed during the remediation process (28:40)
  • The overwhelmingly positive results after an exhaustive mold remediation (34:44)
  • Rebuilding your life after a long struggle with mold (43:22)



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