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In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing space with a real game-changer in the fields of mold inspection, mold remediation, and post-remediation testing, her name is May Dooley and she is here to talk about her story, about the incredible job she performs leading EnviroHealth Consulting, Inc, plus how she empowers her clients by giving them the tools they need to improve the health of their home.

We’ll be discussing key matters such as the functionality of the ERMI and HERTSMI tests, the alternative ways you can use to detect the presence of mold inside your home or office and the importance of maintaining a holistic approach at the time of conducting an inspection.

Are you in desperate need of mold inspection but you don’t have the resources to contact a real expert? One of the many advantages that May offers through her websites is the possibility of making long distant queries where you can learn a lot about your home and the things that could be jeopardizing your family’s health.

Tune in and connect with this amazing woman that’s transforming the mold remediation industry is this new chapter of Manage Mold.


Key points discussed:

  • The story of May Dooley and how she started EnviroHealth Consulting, Inc. (02:23)
  • A service for those who want to advocate for themselves and to teach yourself environmental home inspecting (07:19)
  • Facing the consequences of working in mold contaminated environments (12:36)
  • How to spot the presence of mold in your home or office by yourself (14:37)
  • Uncovering the truth around the effectiveness of ERMI and HERTSMI test results (19:08)
  • May’s websites and the unknown factors that could be endangering your health inside your home (23:42)
  • Make life the center of life (31:54)

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