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Pressure Canning Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

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According to folklore, eating black eyed peas and collard greens with pork and corn bread on New Year's Day symbolizes wealth and prosperity. So why not preserve their goodness and enjoy this delicious symbol any time of the year.

In this episode of Canning with The Diva!, Diane shares a recipe from her cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, Southern Collard Greens. She dives into the details on how to safely preserve this flavorful recipe including a few tips and tricks  so you may have jars of this traditional side-dish at your beckon call.  

In addition to providing the pressure canned recipe, she will share details about the similarities and differences of collard greens and turnip greens, as both are ingredients in the recipe. Learn their differences in appearance and how they are grown as well as their similar nutritional value and flavor profiles in this exciting episode.

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