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Dry Packed Carrots

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In a world where superfoods come and go, one humble root vegetable has stood the test of time, offering an array of health benefits and culinary versatility: the Carrot.

In this episode, Diane Devereaux The Canning Diva shares with listeners the many benefits of preserving the versatile carrot in jars for long-term storage. As she dives deep into the many nutritional values of consuming carrots, she explores the science of heat exposure and how it contributes to enhancing the carrots nutritional value and digestibility.

The Canning Diva will give insight into what the dry packing method is in home canning, how and why we do so, and how this gentle heating during processing better preserves the carrots. She also shares how dry packing carrots, rather than submerged in water, better aides in preserving the carrot's nutrients, flavor, color and texture. Sharing the easy steps to dry pack carrots, listeners will be able to start preserving these beauties this very season.

Here is the link to the recipe instructions:

As discussed in the episode, here are the two YouTube links so you may see the results of dry packed carrots upon opening a jar and watch how to incorporate them into a delicious meal using venison and other home canned and dry packed goods:


One-Pot Meal:

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