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Creating & Canning Corned Beef Hash

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Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, starts off season 4 of Canning with The Diva!™ in style with her delicious pressure canning recipe, Corned Beef Hash. Even better, she gives you the recipe and steps to corn your own beef so you may create and preserve not only corned beef hash, but Irish Jig in a Jar.

Diane shares the easy steps required to corn your own meat, shares her secret spice mix and gives you tips and techniques to produce excellent results time and time again. Her two canning recipes can be found in her cookbooks, Canning Full Circle and The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning.

Tune in and learn how to preserve a hearty stick-to-the-ribs breakfast and a scrumptious meal in a jar with your host, Diane, The Canning Diva!

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Happy Canning & Preserving!
Diane, The Canning Diva

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