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Home Canning Dried Beans for Long-Term Storage

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Gain knowledge and instruction in this informative podcast with The Canning Diva®. In this episode, Diane shares with listeners the instructions and steps to safely preserve beans and legumes in Mason jars for long-term storage. 

Having home canned, ready-to-eat beans in your pantry is an economical way to ensure protein is part of your food storage plan. Canning dried beans also saves you time in the kitchen from having to pre-soak dried beans to quicken cooking time. Lastly, learning how to home canned dried beans helps individuals retain more nutrients within each glass jar and avoid consuming additives and high levels of sodium often found in store-bought canned beans. 

Learn the dried bean ratios, why pre-soaking prior to pressure canning is not necessary, and delicious ways to use your home canned beans in this fun episode of Canning with The Diva!™.

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Diane, The Canning Diva

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