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You can find all the fics we mention on the podcast in our bookmark collection!


MANON - Twitter: @t4teddiemunson / AO3:  christinmkay


AMY - Twitter: @mojowitchcraft / AO3: weird_witchcraft

CADY - Twitter: @lostnadmiration  / AO3: lostnadmiration

REANNA - Twitter: @knormalknitting / AO3:  knormalizeknitting


BECKS - Twitter: @beccichu / AO3: MsBecciChan


MANON - Twitter: @t4teddiemunson / AO3:  christinmkay


BECCA (Illustrations) - Twitter:  @glitterfangart / AO3: pizzabones

BECKS (TikTok Promo) - Twitter: @beccichu / AO3: MsBecciChan

DAE (Promo Creation) - Twitter: @strawberrysomin  / AO3: strawberryspence  

BIRDIE (Audio Editing) - Twitter: @audacityofbird / AO3: audacity_of_bluejays 


drink a cup of kindness yet by bdelaney 

with a bow by cydonic 

A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent by BlackUnicorn

i come back to the place you are by pizzabones

is your light on? by Adure

 boots & budweiser’s miraculous misadventures series by helix_stomper

[Podfic] I just want your extra time (and your kiss) by RattleandHum (ThirdEye1234)

[Podfic] Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful (You know I love you so) by RattleandHum (ThirdEye1234)

carve your name into my chest by hexiewrites

Uneducated Guesses by Eddywow

it's good to see you back in a bar band, baby by LiarsandThieves22

 Dustin Henderson and the Lovebirds by Pukner 

[Podfic] Dustin Henderson and the Lovebirds by RattleandHum (ThirdEye1234)

Genius Loci by Ayes and itskleo

Pro Patria Mori by 3MinsOver

Pro Patria Mori [Podfic] by a_lil_a_lot

 Tuesday’s Gone With The Wind by thisapplepielife

Take the Money and Run by thisapplepielife

highway’s jammed with broken heroes by alivingfire

Who Shall Sing Me Into Deathsleep by teddywesworl

 I Made Loving You A Blood Sport by Eddywow

Living In A Lunar Spell by weird_witchcraft

Evening Botony  by Lostnadmiration

Phoenix Unchained by knormalizeknitting (querldox)

I know I've kissed you before (Can I try again) by ChristinMKay 



Savi’s  First apartment. Mattress on the floor vibes. 

Toktopus’  Vampire Eddie & silly video 

Bea’s  [childhood friends au]

mir’s ong wet cat munson #steddie // Smoosh face

SneezesketchesThe blue smut page

Ahhrenata’s art

Becca’s art

 BP’s art  

Jay’s art

Nihn’s cowboys

Alya’s Halloween Costumes

Salmonblurb’s Worms

Morgo’s tik toks 

Inflomora’s crayon drawings 

Jemma’s Steve with the bat in the Barbie tee

 kleos flight risk take on the mug shot trend

Juno’s stevie 

Nate’s born from the same star 

Mcbeanzontoast’s Steddie The Kiss

Breadbird’s Love is stored in the kitchen

Cady’s Art for Amongst the Wildflowers by ParadimeShifts

Cady’s Art 1, Art 2, Art 3 for is your light on by Adure



However Wild tea blends 

Fandom Trumps Hate

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