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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Spoiler warning for all fics mentioned in this episode, particularly However Wild (though the spoiler does appear in the fic tags)

Full credits & shout outs available on Ao3. You can also find all the fics we mention on our bookmark collection.


AMY - Twitter: @mojowitchcraft / AO3: weird_witchcraft


AYES - Twitter: ayeayeayes / AO3: Ayes / Tumblr: sayesayes 

KLEO -  Twitter: noxarcanaart / AO3: itskleo / Tumblr: noxarcanaart / TikTok: noxarcanaart  /  Instagram: noxarcanaart / Big Cartel Shop: noxarcanaart / Etsy Shop: NoxArcanaArt 


BIRDIE - Twitter: @audacityofbird / AO3: audacity_of_bluejays


BECCA (Illustrations) - Twitter:  @glitterfangart / AO3: pizzabones

BECKS (TikTok Promo) - Twitter: @beccichu / AO3: MsBecciChan

DAE (Promo Creation) - Twitter: @strawberrysomin  / AO3: strawberryspence  

SARA (Audio Editing) - Twitter: @3_blackhearts   / AO3: 3blackhearts

And thanks to Kleo for letting us use her chibi art of the two of them for our poster!


“the most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway is that it’s you” by greatunironic


Flight Risk - Ayes & itskleo

However Wild - Ayes & itskleo

Genius Loci  - Ayes & itskleo

(there is) thunder in our hearts - Ayes

too good to be true - Ayes 

Girl Skin Series - Ayes & itskleo

Big Bang fic “Honeymoon Phase” teaser

Kleo’s critical role art

Critical Role Links

Kleo’s genderbent Steddie gamer girl art


Stranger Things growth “erection” (chart) 

Stranger Things Theme Remix by C418 (Amy also recommends the mash up of it and “Into You” by Ariana Grande)

You can find all the Stranger Things Original Scores by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein here

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Original Game Soundtrack)

Huge thank you to Kleo & Ayes for being our special guests this episode and to all of you in the Steddie fandom! There were so many people that we wanted to give shout outs to this episode that we're over the Spotify episode description character limit so head over to Ao3 to find the full credits and shout outs!

We fully support the SAG-AFTRA Strike. Check for strike sites near you and official information from the union here.

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