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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Spoiler warning for any and all fics discussed in this episode. Transcript for this episode is available on our Ao3!

You can find all the fics we mention on the podcast in our bookmark collection!


SARA - Twitter: @3_blackhearts  / AO3: 3blackhearts


ASH - Twitter: @steddiehands86 / AO3: steddiehands86

JESS - Twitter:@MyDarkDevotion / AO3: MyDarkDevotion

KAYLEE - Twitter: @sweetz059 / AO3: sweetz059


SARA - Twitter: @3_blackhearts  / AO3: 3blackhearts


MANON - Twitter: @t4teddiemunson / AO3:  christinmkay


BECCA (Illustrations) - Twitter:  @glitterfangart / AO3: pizzabones

BECKS (TikTok Promo) - Twitter: @beccichu / AO3: MsBecciChan

DAE (Promo Creation) - Twitter: @strawberrysomin  / AO3: strawberryspence  

SARA (Editor) - Twitter: @3_blackhearts  / AO3: 3blackhearts


Bad Habit” by beetlesandstars

Steve Harrington's One Step Guide To Kissing” by beetlesandstars

Eddie Munson takes the white house” by Captain Honey

”Consummate Professional” by eddywow

”Foreign Bodies” by CrossedQuills

Bat Out of Hell” by Yuu_chi

Sanctuary” by SpicedSage

Like a Mythical Virgin” by ArtaxLivs

independently owned” by bdelaney

 “i come feel your love” by eddiewhore

Money is the Anthem (God You're so Handsome”  by Oonionchiver

Huh?” by tdashshirts

Can’t Think Straight” by toooootired

Red wings, Bat wings” by mascncheese

Shot Right Through” by entaglednow

truly the angel's best” by unkreativstermensch 

“He’s the Whore Next Door” by a_lil_a_lot, Extocancer

“Is it me” by NicoBloodlust

Must be a devil between us, or whores in my head” by whateverokayFINE

Leaky Pipes” by chopwood

the itsy bitsy intruder” by crybaby

scheming on a thing” by greatunironic

Tell Me Your Secrets, Cause I Want To Know” by addweetoo

Heartbreak Hotline” by appledagger

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