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Transcript now available on our Ao3, you can also find all of the fics we mention on the podcast in our bookmark collection!


SARA - Twitter: @3_blackhearts   / AO3: 3blackhearts


ALENA - TikTok: @peterpantomime / Tumblr: peter-pantomime 

KAYLEE - Twitter: @sweetz059 / AO3: sweetz059

JESS - Twitter:@MyDarkDevotion / AO3: MyDarkDevotion


ASH - Twitter: @steddiehands86 / AO3: steddiehands86

BIRDIE - Twitter: @audacityofbird / AO3: audacity_of_bluejays 


AMY - Twitter: @mojowitchcraft / AO3: weird_witchcraft


BECCA (Illustrations) - Twitter:  @glitterfangart / AO3: pizzabones

BECKS (TikTok Promo) - Twitter: @beccichu / AO3: MsBecciChan

DAE (Promo Creation) - Twitter: @strawberrysomin  / AO3: strawberryspence  

SARA (Audio Editing) - Twitter: @3_blackhearts   / AO3: 3blackhearts


Let us Dwell in Fair Ithilien and There Make a Garden - materialism, sparklyslug

the most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway is that it’s you - greatunironic 

Munson House of Misfits - emotionalking13 (Twitter Mega Thread)

thursday afternoon - maschoi (zaynandlouis), NilOtter (Trailer Park AU)

Today’s Assignment? Kick Some Ass! - fandom_tourist (Steddie School of Rock AU)

I'll Cover You - alinafewwords 

600 Square Feet - InkandOwl 

We Are Held Hostage By Our Stares - anonony (A/B/O, Accidental Pregnancy, Sex Pollen)

Project Montauk  - CrossedQuills 

Come Home to My Heart - Chubbypeachhh

Calleth You, Cometh I - CaptainHoney

Memories burn like a Forest Fire - unkreativstermensch

Flashbacks - Eddywow

Easy, Easy, Easy - judasofsuburbia

there's a phrase that fits - materialism, sparklyslug (Will & Eddie Fic - Fair Ithilien Series)

Three Weddings and a Funeral - materialism, sparklyslug (Fair Ithilien Series)

looking for something dumb to do - materialism

You Kept On Driving Straight And Left Our Future To The Right - Kwills91

that'd be the end of the last man on earth - pbandjeremiah

The Babysitter - obstination

[Podfic] The Babysitter - 3blackhearts

AMERICANA’S CRUSADE - prettydizzeed

ain’t you my baby? - prettydizzeed

same as it ever was - hexiewrites


tubesock: Tumblr / TikTok

mardyart: Twitter / Tumblr 

Nie (aka anniebass): Twitter

Pencilscratchins: pencilscratchins 

Nil: Twitter - Trailer Park AU (NSFW Art)

lazyjunebug: Twitter / TikTok

We fully support the SAG-AFTRA Strike. Check for strike sites near you and official information from the union here.

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