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Ed Batista on the "MESS" hack to build emotional capacity

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Ed Batista is a prominent Executive Coach in Silicon Valley who counts technology company CEOs and leaders in various fields as his clients. He coaches senior executives who are facing a challenge or who would like to be fulfilled and effective in their roles.

Ed is also a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, teaches a course called “The Art of Self Coaching”, and used to teach “Interpersonal Dynamics” (popularly known as “Touchy Feely”), the schools’ most popular elective. 

In today’s episode, he talks about the “M.E.S.S." hack for building emotional capacity so we can regulate our responses to stressful situations. If you've ever had a knee-jerk reaction to tough situations, regretted actions you've taken in response to triggering events, and would like to be more intentional about your actions, this episode is for you!

Ed has been blogging since 2004 and has a wealth of resources, as well as game-changing and practical thought leadership on his site: www.edbatista.com. If you can’t hire Ed as a coach, his blog provides generous insight into “The Art of Self Coaching”, “Touchy Feely”, and his thoughtful approach. You can also check out this post he wrote on managing emotions, that touches on his discussion with us. We highly recommend it!

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