EQ Hacks: Bite-Size Emotional Intelligence Power Moves podcast

Celine Teoh on the "Catching Small Signals" Hack: How Consultants can Better Understand their Clients and Build Trust

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Celine Teoh is an executive coach who helps C-suite executives in consumer companies convert potential into performance for their teams. She is a certified Tiny Habits Coach by BJ Fogg of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab, with a focus on turning insight into action through habit formation. 

Celine is also an ex-McKinsey consultant with decades of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies.  She holds an MBA from Stanford and a BSc from the London School of Economics,  speaks 5 languages and is learning a lot about behavior design with her new puppy.

In this episode, Celine introduces a hack called "Catching Small Signals", which is useful for consultants hoping to quickly grasp the needs of different stakeholders, and building empathy and trust on the way to becoming a Trusted Advisor.

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