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Agnes Le on "Touchy Feely" at Stanford and Starting EQ Hacks

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Agnes Le is an executive coach with 20 years of experience who has worked with thousands of leaders across the globe to help them thrive. She is a trained facilitator for the Interpersonal Dynamics course (a.k.a “Touchy Feely”), the most popular elective at Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Agnes holds an MBA from Stanford and a Masters in Organizational Psychology & Career Management from the University of London. Her top values are courage, curiosity, and connection. Agnes has run 12 marathons and a few ultras, although these days she mostly runs after her two kids.

In this episode, Agnes gives us a window into what happens in Stanford's Touchy Feely course, and shares her reasons for starting EQ Hacks with Celine. 

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