EQ Hacks: Bite-Size Emotional Intelligence Power Moves podcast

EQ Hacks: Bite-Size Emotional Intelligence Power Moves

Agnes Le & Celine Teoh

We live in a high-tech world, but effective leadership remains a high-touch job. You know emotional intelligence is crucial for good leadership, and want to learn concrete actions that can make an impact immediately.

In EQ Hacks, Stanford-trained executive coaches Agnes Le and Celine Teoh interview leading experts, top coaches, and real leaders to curate the best emotional intelligence hacks.

Each episode provides one tested, actionable emotional intelligence technique that you can apply right away to improve your leadership.

  • How do you improve your connections at work?
  • How do you gain influence with your team and other stakeholders?
  • How do you lead with authenticity without losing your credibility?
  • How do you manage interpersonal conflicts?

EQ Hacks Podcast by Leading Edge Lab.

Music: Tymur Khakimov

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