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Workplace Creatures | Episode 9

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

16 April 1972


It has come to my attention that some of the girls in the office have been complaining about unwanted advances from the butchers. While I do sympathise with them somewhat (after all those butchers have awfully big, hairy hands), it’s just a bit of fun on their part and I'd hate to take away what little joy they have in their miserable lives. If I had to strangle 400 cattle a day I know I would find solace in chasing the girl from accounts down a dark hallway with my big, bloodied hands. To feel them, like two hairy hams, grabbing at my breasts like a hungry bird. I’d say no but really I'd mean YES.

Anway, some chap at the freemasons put me in touch with a firm who specialise in these new ‘training records’. Do me a favour and play it to the lads on the shop floor.

Dictated and signed in absence.


Baron Von Beirgmenst III

Chief Executive Officer, Barbarity Meats & Offal Tubes

Burnt Toast Presents: Workplace Creatures

Featuring, Krage Brown

Jess Lloyd-Jones

Miranda Shrapnell

Ida Berglöw Kenneway

David Gurney

Nathan Peter Grassi

Written & Created by Thom Munden

Edited by: Krage Brown & Thom Munden

Artwork by: deprivedanxiety

Burnt Toast Presents is an everybody panic podcast.

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