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Workplace Creatures | Episode 5

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Dear all,

The power of a smile can increase profits by as much as 904%.

Please remind your teams they’re all contractually required to smile for their entire 12 hour shift, even while Brenda from the deli counter cradles them in the women's bathroom and dries their tears with her dead husband's Dukes of Hazzard vest.

Play this DVD at the next team huddle. I’ll know if you don’t.


North West Regional Manager

Best Value UK

Burnt Toast Presents: Workplace Creatures

Featuring, Krage Brown

David Gurney

Jess Lloyd-Jones

Miranda Shrapnell

Liam Jones

Written & Created by Thom Munden

Edited by: Krage Brown & Thom Munden

Artwork by: deprivedanxiety

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