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Workplace Creatures | Episode 10

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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Here’s a copy of the tape I done. Jez says the manager at Woolworths is going to show it to the girls in the shop. Is it ok if I keep a few hundred boxes of eau de toilette in the spare room? It’s Barrymore’s new one so I reckon I can shift it all down the women's clinic at the weekend. Make sure you keep it away from the electric fire. And the dog.


Burnt Toast Presents: Workplace Creatures

Featuring, David Gurney

Emily Wilden

Krage Brown

Nathan Peter Grassi

With additional voices by Lily Jones and Lewis Jones

Written & Created by Thom Munden

Edited by: Krage Brown

artwork by: deprivedanxiety

Burnt Toast Presents is an everybody panic podcast.

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