Actors Guide To Success with Bernard Hiller podcast

Screenwriter - Brian Currie

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
SHOW NOTES: Brian discusses how he originally moved to California and began an acting career [4:42] Brian offers advice on succeeding as an actor [7:59] Brian details his transition from struggling actor to screenplay writer [9:49] Brian describes some of his first screenplays [11:16] Brian shares his current projects and sources of ideas and creativity [12:50] Brian offers his best 3 tips for starting as an actor [14:38] Brian discusses working with Peter Farrelly and the actors on Green Book [16:52] Brian shares how Peter and himself convinced Viggo Mortenson to star in Green Book [20:40] Brian shares the importance of staying positive and the best advice he’s received [24:10] Brian shares his experience at the Oscars [27:07] Brian offers advice on how to start a career in film writing [32:03] Brian and Bernard discuss the nature of show business [34:30] Brian offers advice on becoming a producer and how he met Peter Farrelly [35:25]

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