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Director - Peter Farrelly

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Film Director and Writer Peter Farrelly has been mostly known for his quirky and romantic comedies that he together with his brother Bobby directed and produced - the Farrelly Brothers. His films include Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, Myself and Irene. In the first Episode of Actors Guide to Success with Bernard Hiller, Peter tells us about his life journey and an incredible 26 years career as a filmmaker. Learn how from being a salesman he went into making movies and becoming a two Times Oscar Winner for writing and directing the best Picture of 2018 - "Green Book”. As we dive deeper into the interview Peter gives invaluable advice to upcoming writers and actors. He talks about how not getting his dream job as a writer for Sinefeld was a turning point in his career and how he never directed a movie before making his first hit Dumb and Dumber. In This Episode: Peter talks about receiving an unusual call after the academy awards - 2:20 Conversation between Steven Spielberg and Peter Farrelly at the Oscar party - 4:15 Peter talks about how in his mid 20’s he decided to pursue writing as his career and how soon after he discovered that it’s not that easy to make a living with writing - 5:15 Peter talks about how he and his friend wrote a screenplay called Dust to Dust, an early version of his hit movie Dumb and Dummer - 8:30 Peter talks about how he started writing with his brother Bobby - 9:40 Peter describes why nobody wanted to read a script called Dumb and Dummer and how he had to change the title so people will actually pay attention to it - 11:20 Peter talks about the role spirituality plays in his life, why fear is actually your friend and the importance of starting writing today because you can always make it better later - 12:15 Advice for writers - 19:15 Peter talks how the idea for filming Green Book came to life - 24.46 Advice for Actors from Peter Farrelly. An exercise that will help you act and sound more natural - 25:30 Peter describes how he never directed a movie prior to making Dumb and Dummer and the importance of asking for help - 29:05 Peter talks about faith. How he always felt that everything is going to be ok despite being as he says “the worst student in class” - 33:53 Peter explains his unique way of writing screenplays and how he changes the viewer's perception of the villain - 34:55 Peter explains the challenges his brother and him went through when writing There is Something About Mary - 38:13 Peter talks about various scenes in Dumb and Dummer and how he resisted the movie studios trying to influence changes - 40:00 Peter talks about his involvement with Sinefeld and how not getting his dream job at the time set him up for a successful career as a director and filmmaker - 42:44 Peter talks about working with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali - 45:30 Another Advice for actors from Peter Farrelly and the importance of creating your own opportunities - 50:22 Peter talks about his upbringings - 53:29 Peter speaks about the invaluable advice he has been given when starting his career - 55:50 Peter talks about his experience at the 91st Academy Awards - 58:45 Peter talks about the importance of enjoying life now and that winning two Oscars haven’t made him less or more happier - 1:02:40

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