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Casting Director - Kerry Barden

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Kerry Barden is the award-winning casting director of over 200 films and TV shows, including Sex in the City, Winter’s Bone, The Help, 13 Reasons Why, and the 2016 Best Picture Academy Award-winner Spotlight. He has been nominated eight times for the Outstanding Achievement in Casting award by the Casting Society of America and won three times. He was also nominated for an Emmy for Sex in the City. He majored in theatre at the University of Georgia and has a producer credit on the film Conversations with Other Women. In this episode of Actors Guide to Success Kerry sits down with Bernard Hiller to talk about the ever-evolving business of film-making, his personal philosophy on life and art, and how to get noticed in an audition. 


Show Notes:

2:17 - Kerry explains his start in casting.

3:00 - Kerry and Bernard talk about purpose and career.

3:30 - Kerry talks about “saying yes” to opportunities.

5:00 - Kerry shares the advice he would give to actors just starting out.

8:23 - Kerry explains what he looks for when an actor walks into an audition.

9:17 - Kerry talks about the “don’ts” for auditioning

10:33 - Bernard and Kerry discuss how globalism has affected casting films

11:05 - Kerry explains the vital skill of self-taping

12:43 - Kerry talks about energy and connection in an actor’s performance

13:39 - Kerry and Bernard talk about how to have a fulfilling personal life as an actor

14:48 - Kerry discusses the importance of acting classes, following other artists, and studying the film-making process

16:14 - Kerry explains how someone can contact him or expect to be seen by him

17:30 - Kerry reveals the best piece of advice anyone ever gave him

18:43 - Bernard and Kerry talk about Sex in the City and Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout role in Winter’s Bone

22:25 - Kerry elaborates on how the film-making process has changed and diversified, and how to make your own opportunities

27:21 - Kerry and Bernard talk about awards, director Tom McCarthy, and Spotlight

32:00 - Kerry dispels some myths and misconceptions about casting directors

34:25 - Bernard and Kerry discuss the power of storytelling and Kerry reveals his favorite recent acting performances.

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