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A Few Words with Aunty Deb Ballangarry

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Debbie Ballangarry is a proud Indigenous Australian woman, whom is currently studying LINGUISTICS. We bumped into each other across a crowded TikTok recently (where she posts loads of educational information and supports Indigenous Artists, performers, activists and Creators). You could say we hit it off.

You can hear her smiling when she speaks. Our chat covers a lot including the bad old days of segregation and The White Australia Policy. We also discuss was like for her to grow up Indigenous in the 70s & 80s and yet, still share our commonalities as 'Aussies'. As an older woman and a feminist I was particularly interested in talking about being an Elder. In her culture, Elders are respected and revered. In so called Civilised 'western' culture, Elders are often pushed aside and mistreated. 

Aunty Deb, is a tenacious and witty human being - we had a grand chinwag. Oh and added bonus: I learned a couple of Aboriginal words!

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