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The Madonna Whore Diaries Continues...

Phoebe Dorin and I pick up where we left off last time...where was that? Oh yeah, we were just about to talk about ...breast orgasms.

There's much discussion about the objectification and 'ownership' aspect of breasts. Cos let's face it, they do get co-opted A LOT! The thing that seems to cause all the trouble and confusion regarding sexual enjoyment during pregnancy and after, has literally everything to do with women taking back ownership of their bodies.

Look, it's a very breast-heavy ep. Speaker to speaker BOOBS. If anyone is playing drinking games while listenting: DO NOT NOMINATE THE WORD 'NIPPLE' AS YOUR DRINKING PROMPT! You'll get hammered!


Suggested reading: Fresh Milk - The Secret Life of Breasts by Fiona Giles (2003) 

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