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HOLLA HELLA COUGARTOWN! Chat w/ Patsy Menuti 1/2

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Why does heteronormativity dictate that the male partner should be the older person? Why does society barely even notice when Hollywood leading men, play opposite women 20 years their junior?

Why do we call the younger male partners of older female celebs, "Toy Boys".

And what about same sex relationships? 

When it comes to casual liaisons between intelligent, consenting adults - how much does age really matter,  and how much does it play into old fashioned patriarchal and 'ageist' stereotypes?

Let's face it, society not only paints older people as 'ugly', it also underestimates the self-awareness, discernment and agency of younger folx who really want to date them. 

SO MUCH TO UNPACK and Patsy Menuti aka "HELLA COUGAR" helps me get through some of it! Patsy, 50, is a yoga teacher and life coach, who exhuberantly shares her "spiritual journey as a COUGAR" via her WEBSITE, TIKTOK and INSTAGRAM. She's warm, extremely down to earth and hella funny.


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