E6 Exhibition Day (Finale)

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

DAMIEN is in his element as the MC for the grand exhibition. He welcomes SKYE on stage who welcomes the MEGACORP big shots and eager art collectors.

GUNTER shows his stoat cam footage proving that MALACHY and SKYE plotted to steal the residency from the artists. They also reminisce about murdering Kathleen O'Mara's only son Mickey. The police arrive. SKYE fires MELANIE her loyal assistant. GUNTER calls in his loyal stoats.

TERESA reigns in the stoats after they invade the hall with a toot of her tin flute. NORA hands in an envelope of TERESA's DNA. TERESA is the granddaughter and heiress to Kathleen O’Mara's estate.

Meanwhile, SKYE and MALACHY are arrested. AGNES sells "The Madness of Ireland" sculpture with Una's decaying dog inside to a London hedge-fund investor for millions. SHANNON's lopsided healing quilt comes in handy for UNA. BRIGIT's poetry has been published and the cousins are cosmically retethered. Whoa.

OLIVOFF SMIRNOFF, the famous Russian dissident artist, does an interpretive dance in front of underground footage that proves MEGACORP is running an illegal cloning operation using DNA gathered from clients using their genealogy and ancestor website.

MEGACORP board members in the audience try to make a run for it but are stopped by the Knocknahay police. A marching clone parade comes onstage to close the spectacle.

The next morning... the artists sit down for a final meal. TERESA is now the lady of the house and NORA rings the gong. AGNÉS donates the 10 million she got for the sculpture to fund the retreat. DAMIEN pledges that his history book has been published and that FREDA, his ghost writer will get all the credit for her writing. BARNEY has quit his job to join MARY to produce a musical of Waiting for Godot. MARY is free from A.R.S.E.'s constrictions. SHANNON and BRIGIT have begun a blog and online shop for Druidic healing. They all join hands for BRIGIT's final blessing. The real ghosts appear revealing themselves as... TERESA 's parents singing Down By The Sally Gardens.



Outro song: Down By the Sally Gardens

Voices: Aoibheann McCann, Andi Ipaktchi, Fred McCloskey, Gavin Morgan, and Helen Gregg. Audio: Yassaman Sarhangi

RETREAT is an Irish/Irish-American comedy series that depicts artists and writers at an Irish arts residency in a dilapidated manor house. Deceitful corporate sponsorship arrives with a promise to spruce-up the residency in exchange for the artists' detailed audio diaries of their creative process. Six 20-minute episodes, written by the female, comedy duo: Aoibheann McCann and Andi Ipaktchi. RETREAT has a playful look at the commercialization of the arts, genealogy, Irish history, cloning, heritage, ecology, globalization, the life cycle of stoats & the 1%. Season 1 launched in September 2022. It is available for download on audio apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.

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