E5 The Megacorp Artist Theme Park

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

After a fresh from the dumpster, freegan breakfast at UNA's BnB, the artists and staff march to the KATHLEEN O'MARA RESIDENTIAL CENTRE FOR THE ARTS to confront SKYE. But SKYE is one step ahead and has used SHANNON’s diary recording to revoke her grandmother's will and intends to turn their residency back into private ownership. Hers.

DAMIEN is exposed when FREDA, his ghostwriter and former roommate is discovered lurking about in a daze.

MALACHY reveals he was using SHANNON all along with Skye’s knowledge. SKYE won’t talk to SHANNON anymore and fires BARNEY, NORA, and TERESA. The gang retreats to UNA's leaving SHANNON behind. BRIGIT is still levitating up in a tree.

SHANNON understands and is remorseful. She takes off her fake nails and gives TAENG, (her Thai fabricant and positivity guru) a ring. She wants to learn how to sew.

The guy from the kitchen turns up with BRIGIT to the B & B and reveals his true identity as OLIVOFF SMIRNOFF, the famous, Russian dissident artist and he has a plan.

MARY calls SKYE to grovel. GUNTER joins in the groveling too. Together they persuade SKYE to let the artists return to the big house, take part in the exhibition to meet all the Megacorp big wigs and art collectors for their careers. They agree to sleep in the new dormitory. They have nowhere else to go. The plan seems to be working.


Outro song: Down By the Sally Gardens

Voices: Aoibheann McCann, Andi Ipaktchi, Fred McCloskey, Gavin Morgan, and Helen Gregg. Audio: Yassaman Sarhangi

RETREAT is an Irish/Irish-American comedy series that depicts artists and writers at an Irish arts residency in a dilapidated manor house. Deceitful corporate sponsorship arrives with a promise to spruce-up the residency in exchange for the artists' detailed audio diaries of their creative process. Six 20-minute episodes, written by the female, comedy duo: Aoibheann McCann and Andi Ipaktchi. RETREAT has a playful look at the commercialization of the arts, genealogy, Irish history, cloning, heritage, ecology, globalization, the life cycle of stoats & the 1%. Season 1 launched in September 2022. It is available for download on audio apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.

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