E4 Clash of the Cousins

Rewind 15 seconds
Fast Forward 15 seconds

The cousins start recording in the diary room, but fall-out when MALACHY turns up and SHANNON is more interested in him than their Druidic healing quilt collaboration.

MALACHY flirts to manipulate SHANNON to confess on record that she and BRIGIT have done nothing but gossip during their time at the rural Ireland arts residency--- and that none of the other artists here are working either. They are all in breach of contract.

BRIGIT starts a protest against the imminent destruction of the fairy-fort by climbing up a tree.

Meanwhile, the other artists still won't listen to GUNTER who actually knows what's going on.

Then SKYE moves all the residents out of the grand home and into Una's delipidated B & B so that her elaborate renovations of the residency can begin. She promises them an exhibition for the grand opening.

Meanwhile, SHANNON is devasted to learn from DNA tests that she doesn't have any IRISH heritage and so she and BRIGIT are not cousins after all.


Outro song: Down By the Sally Gardens

Voices: Aoibheann McCann, Andi Ipaktchi, Fred McCloskey, Gavin Morgan, and Helen Gregg. Audio: Yassaman Sarhangi

RETREAT is an Irish/Irish-American comedy series that depicts artists and writers at an Irish arts residency in a dilapidated manor house. Deceitful corporate sponsorship arrives with a promise to spruce-up the residency in exchange for the artists' detailed audio diaries of their creative process. Six 20-minute episodes, written by the female, comedy duo: Aoibheann McCann and Andi Ipaktchi. RETREAT has a playful look at the commercialization of the arts, genealogy, Irish history, cloning, heritage, ecology, globalization, the life cycle of stoats & the 1%. Season 1 launched in September 2022. It is available for download on audio apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.

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