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Episode 6: In the beginning (again)

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In Episode 6, we find ourselves once again at the start of things, talking about the seminal work of Jonathan Wilson and Michael Cox. Where do you even start telling the story of how soccer is played? How should you describe the inner workings of the game, and what should your evidence look like? Wilson and Cox’s different approaches to writing about soccer inspired a generation of tactics and analytics bloggers to go forth and multiply.


* Jonathan Wilson, Inverting the Pyramid (September 2008)

* The End of Forward Thinking (June 2008)

* Michael Cox, Zonal Marking

* Chelsea vs Manchester United (November 2009)

* Brazil: A 4-2-3-1 or a midfield diamond? Neither. (November 2009)

* Zonal Marking Glossary page

* Introducing… The Central Winger (December 2010)

* League Comparison #3: Shooting and Goals (January 2010)

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