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Episode 4: The lost city of Stat-lantis

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From 2011 to 2012, when Arsenal bought the company, the StatDNA blog was a soccer nerd Atlantis. With one of their first posts, they gave a treasure trove of event data to the world for free and announced a research competition. In one of their last posts, they announced that they'd hired the winner of that competition, Sarah Rudd. In between, they basically completed the next decade of soccer analytics blogging — and then vanished into the sea (or the Wayback Machine).


* Jaeson Rosenfeld, StatDNA: The Key to Scoring Goals is Shots Inside the Box (March 2011)

* Ben Alamar, StatDNA: How Defensive Pressure Impacts Goal Scoring Probability (March 2011)

* Jaeson Rosenfeld, StatDNA: A Conceptual Statistical Framework For Understanding Goal Creation (March 2011)

* Jaeson Rosenfeld, StatDNA: What Determines Shot Quality? (March 2011)

* Jaeson Rosenfeld, StatDNA: Why players, teams are undifferentiated on “passing skill” (May 2011)

* Ben Alamar, StatDNA: How we measure pass value creation: Advancing the Ball (June 2011)

* Jaeson Rosenfeld and Can Geng, StatDNA: Wasting Possession: The Statistical argument for using short goal kicks more (August 2011)

* Sarah Rudd, StatDNA: A Framework for Tactical Analysis and Individual Offensive Production Assessment in Soccer Using Markov Chains (September 2011)

* Sarah Rudd: Video of 2011 NESSIS Presentation of Markov chain paper

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