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Episode 3: If it wasn't blogged, did it even really happen?

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Episode 3 follows the story of Ian Graham, who started as a researcher for a groundbreaking soccer analytics newspaper column and rose to become Director of Research at Liverpool FC. Along the way, he spent some time in our blogging circles and introduced what may have been soccer’s first public possession value model, hidden in plain sight.


* Daniel Finkelstein, The Fink Tank: Breaking All the Rules (November 2002)

* Daniel Finkelstein, The Fink Tank: Is it right to tell manager time is up? (November 2005)

* Ian Graham, The Football Laboratory (November 2006)

* Castrol, YouTube: What is the Castrol Index? (June 2009)

* Ian Graham, Decision Technology’s Football Blog: Is Second Season Syndrome a Myth? (August 2011)

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