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What’s The Meaning Of Life??? LOVE!

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Think about it. We don't keep our Money, Cars & Gucci Purses next to us on our death beds. We want our family. 

I'm sure you've seen videos out there, show a Tiger, Lion or even an Alligator that was raised by a human from birth. The animals run up to them and lick them or cuddle with them! Those killer animals love them. They will not want to eat them. I mean normally those animals would tare you apart without thinking twice.

Love makes them do it.

We all crave love. If we don't get enough, then we are depressed, sad, and lonely. 

Try approaching everything with love. You will see your life will change for the better. Your attitude will change. Your Luck will get better. Your relationships, Even the things you don't like will get better.

Try It and let us know.

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