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Family Or Your Spouse? That Is The Question.

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Do you find yourself having to choose between your family and your spouse? Does your family get between your relationship or how you live your life. 

Well you will have to choose how to react. Are you siding with your family or friends? Or do you side with the one you are currently trying to build a life with?

Unless your spouse is being abusive or is harming the relationship by cheating or something drastic like that. 

Then you have to be on your spouses side. They can't feel alone in the relationship. Or the relationship it self will diminish and you will find yourself moving back in with the family that helped get it there.

I get it. I mean. No one will be good enough for my baby girl or boy. So we can't help but stand up for them.

But think about it. If you go running to your Mom and dad, or your siblings to constantly complain about your spouse. Then they cant help but want to jump on the band wagon and start trashing them as well.

So really think about what you are saying to your family about your spouse. If you go to them disrespecting your spouse. Then it will be hard for your family to respect them. 

Or if your family just don't accept them. Then you have to stand up for your spouse or lover.

They have to know that its your life to choose. Your family can choose to be part of your life and respect and accept them or not to be a part of your life. After all it is your life.

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