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081 Ryan Caddis & Andy Bell: Making their mark at Craigmark, FIFA red tape, taekwando & going viral PLUS Jamie Nesbitt on double celebration with Thorniewood

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AS a kid Ryan Caddis gave taekwondo the heave-ho to play football instead.

After a successful career in the amateurs and juniors he and Andy Bell landed their first jobs as co-bosses of Craigmark Burntonians last year.

Early on Ryan had to buy HIMSELF as a player.

But it’s been a debut season in the dugout to remember for the long-time pals as The Mark have made THEIR mark in Conference A in the West of Scotland League.

We hear how they’ve become obsessed with turning around the fortunes of an East Ayrshire club whose ground was built by miners on their way to a shift down the pit.

There’s the FIFA red tape they faced when Ryan tried to get his former Celtic playing brother Paul a game.

And there’s the reason why Ryan’s three-year-old son went viral earlier this season.

After a weekend to remember for Thorniewood their manager Jamie Nesbitt also joins us and tells us why today’s players just don’t celebrate like they used to.

There’s all that and Mark Mackay’s Best of the West as we go Down The Divisions.

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