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076 Craig Palmer: Getting Arthurlie up & running after learning to walk again plus the moaners and farters in the Dunterlie dressing room

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CRAIG PALMER had to learn to walk again after suffering a horror accident at work.

But now he’s the player turned assistant manager who’s getting Arthurlie up and running again.

The Barrhead side have played 20 league games this season – and incredibly they’ve won 19 and drawn the other.

Craig joins us this week to look at just how they’ve got the Dunterlie Park outfit flying at the top of Conference A in the West of Scotland League.

We hear about the moaners who are setting the standards – and who’s the biggest farter in the dressing room.

Craig also takes us back to those dark days recovering from that spell in intensive care and reveals just how much the football community rallied round to help.

There’s also the way he uses his positive outlook on life to help players going through injury setbacks themselves.

Recorded from the home of Glasgow Girls Football Club, it’s all here as we go Down The Divisions.

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