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078 Chris Cameron on reviving Neilston & the shock end to his playing career PLUS Sean Kenney on promotion for Ardeer

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CHRIS CAMERON grew frustrated watching Neilston tumble down the tables when he was on the outside.

Now he’s one of the men back on the inside determined to take The Farmer’s Boys back up.

Chris shares the Brig O’Lea management duties with Derek Carson and joins us this week.

He tells us how gutted the club were to lose to table-topping rivals Petershill last Saturday – but how it won’t derail their plans for progress.

Chris takes us back to the day he left a pitch with both his cruciate ligaments in bits – and his playing career in pieces.

We also hear why coaching was once never something that interested him.

Also last weekend, Ardeer Thistle rubberstamped their rise from worst in the league to a Division Two team next season.

They did it without kicking a ball too. Their boss Sean Kenney joins us later in the show.

Mark Mackay gives us his Best of the West too and it’s all here, as we go, Down The Divisions.

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