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Phoenix Lights: 25 Years Later

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In this episode, we discuss a very special, local topic we’ve been dying to do: The Phoenix Lights, which is celebrating 25 years. First, Cody discusses a conspiracy theory involving flares, balloons, and a man named Mail-o. Then, Chris talks about Dr. Lynne Kitei, a retired healthcare professional, who has given the world the best video recording of the incident. Next, Cody shares a more current sighting - in 2019 - that is just as unexplained, and one which some have claimed to be associated with The Phoenix Lights. Finally, Chris talks about two very different eyewitness encounters, one who saw it all from the ground, and a pilot who saw it from the air. This week's drinks are Papago Cherry Blossom and Coca Cola Starlight.

Advisory: 0:00s-0:20s
Intro Music: 0:20s-:45s
Topic: 0:45s-2:52m
Drinks: 2:52m-4:38m
History: 4:38m-9:53m
Flares and Balloons: 9:53m-16:07m
Dr. Lynne Kitei: 16:07m-22:35m
Trailer: 22:35m-23:12m
2019 Sightings: 23:12m-28:10m
By Air and By Land: 28:10m-33:20m
Skeptic: 33:20m-36:32m
Believer: 36:32m-38:55m
Creep of the Week: 38:55m-41:05m
Sign Off: 41:05m-42:24m

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