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Easter Eggtacular

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BSP is blooming into Spring with a new Easter episode. First, Cody talks about Passover and a possible explanation for all the plagues that came with it. Then, Chris tells a creepy story where two little girls hear their names called by a ghost while eating Easter candy. Next, Cody discusses the Lazarus Syndrome, a phenomenon where someone can appear to be dead for hours and then suddenly come back to life. Finally, Chris shares a gruesome true crime story, the Easter Massacre, where one man took the untimely lives of 11 victims. Creep of the week is all about a fun Easter tradition in Norway. This week’s drinks are Strawberry-Cucumber Limeade and Truly Wild Berry.

Advisory: 0:00s-0:19s
Intro Music: 0:19s-0:46s
Topic: 0:46s-4:38m
Drinks: 4:38m-7:20m
History: 7:20m-13:40m
Passover Plagues: 13:40m-21:35m
Easter Voices: 21:35m-26:57m
Trailer: 26:57m-27:18m
Lazarus Syndrome: 27:18m-32:00m
Easter Sunday Massacre: 32:00m-38:43m
Skeptic: 38:43m-41:37m
Believer: 41:37m-43:10m
Creep of the Week: 43:10m-44:34m
Sign Off: 44:34m-46:24m
Outro Music: 46:24m-46:42m

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