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Eucharistic Miracles

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In this episode, we talk about crazy miracles surrounding the Catholic Eucharist. First, Cody talks about the Miracle in Santarem, Portugal, where a woman who “stole” her Communion wafer witnessed it bleeding. Then, Chris shares the story of the first known Eucaristic Miracle where a doubting monk watched the Eucharist turn to literal flesh and blood. Next, Cody discusses an incident in Siena, Italy where stolen Communion wafers never perished after three hundred years. Finally, Chris talks about Marthe Robin, a woman who lived off Communion and nothing else for fifty years. This week’s drinks are Fre Red Blend and Barefoot Pink Moscato.

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Intro Music: 0:20s-0:46s
Topic: 0:46s-3:05m
Drinks: 3:05m-4:59m
History: 4:59m-10:40m
The Miracle in Santarem: 10:40m-17:07m
The Miracle of Lanciano: 17:07m-23:56m
Trailer: 23:56m-24:37m
The Miracle of Siena: 24:37m-31:23m
Marthe Robin: 31:23m-39:05m
Skeptic: 39:05m-41:00m
Believer: 41:00m-44:14m
Creep of the Week: 44:14m-46:03m
Sign Off: 46:03m-46:51m
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The Miracle in Santarem:

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