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#184 Creating The Next Craze in Nightlife with Sauna, Ice Baths, & Breathwork with Myles Farmer of Othership

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This week’s episode is all about building the next craze in nightlife—an alcohol-free alternative focused on wellness and community building.

Othership is a luxury sauna and ice bath experience with carefully curated and guided classes to make sure you have an immersive and transformative time where you can truly connect with yourself and others. With their first location based in Toronto, Othership has attracted both devoted enthusiasts and the attention of major wellness investors. Othership also has a great breathwork app, and you can get an extended free trial right here:

My guest this week is Myles Farmer, one of the five co-founders and the Director of Operations & Development responsible for their physical locations. For more about Myles, click here:

On Ep. 184, we cover:

  • How to run a successful franchise: What it takes & how to thrive
  • Myle’s entrepreneurial evolution from hospitality and nightlife to wellness
  • Making the difficult decision to leave a successful business & how he found the next thing
  • Research Sprints: Tips to explore and test your business ideas
  • The genesis of Othership: How he got the idea, finding co-founders, and making the vision a reality
  • Covid’s impact on their launch & how they adapted, plans to expand to the US & more!
App I'm Loving!

Othership has a really effective breathwork app that I’ve been loving and use regularly, and I think you’ll really love it too. It's super intuitive and non-intimidating, and it’s made it really easy for me to create and sustain a practice.

Othership usually offers a 7-day free trial, but with my link, you can get 14-days for free! Click here to sign up and get started:

Resources Mentioned in the Episode!

Get my 3 favorite FREE self-compassion guided meditations for entrepreneurs from Dr. Kristin Neff here!

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