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#179 Life as a Content Creator: The Business, Burnout, & Work-Life Harmony With Ehlie Luna Pt. 2

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Ehlie Luna is a Brooklyn-based, Haitian-American pro makeup artist, creative, and content creator specializing in the beauty space. She served as the key MUA with the New York City Ballet, where she blended theater and fashion by working with designers like Humberto of Opening Ceremony, Valentino, and Stella McCartney.

Her creative work has also been featured in commercials and ads for Broadway, and for brands like Kiss, Daily Paper and Facebook. As a content creator, she’s worked with brands like MAC Cosmetics, Pattern Beauty, Uoma Beauty, Beautyblender, Macy’s and more.

If you don’t know Ehlie, you will. She truly is a content creator’s content creator. Not only is her work stunning, but she really puts her unique spin on everything she puts out, whether it’s beauty tips, behind-the-scenes details of content creation, or anything else you might want to know as a creator. This is a two-parter because the conversation was just so good. If you missed Part 1, you can find the link below! 

On Ep. 179, we cover:

  • How Ehlie knew it was “the time” to leave her job and go all in on content creation
  • The importance of a personal brand: Why, when, and how she started taking content seriously
  • Her hybrid approach to content creation: How she created a sustainable process and workflow 
  • The business of content creation, brand partnerships, & what you don’t learn in more “traditional” roles
  • The pitfalls of being a content creator: The pressures and struggles that people don’t see 
  • How burnout can help you identify what's not working, creating work-life harmony (not balance!) & more!

And if you missed it, you can find Part 1 of this conversation right here:

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