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Welcome to The Meal Planning Mama Podcast with Chantel McKie-Smith

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Welcome to The Meal Planning Mama Podcast!

Come on into my kitchen where we get into candid conversations about deciding what to cook and eat, mom life, self-care, and all the littles bits sprinkled in between...both the expected and the unexpected.

I'm Chantel McKie-Smith, The Meal Planning Mama, and I am obsessed with all things meal planning, prepping, delegating in the kitchen, and helping you cruise through the cooking process from start - deciding what you are going to make, to finish - storage and clean up. I teach you the tried and true methods, techniques, and secrets to meal planning as a mom in a simplified and manageable way.

Grab a cup of coffee, cup of tea, or your favorite hot or cold beverage, and join me each week.

This is The Meal Planning Mama Podcast.

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