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7 Things Every Mom Needs To Know About Meal Planning

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Do these kids ever stop eating??? I'm sure every mom has been asking this since the beginning of time. And the answer, unfortunately, is no...just kidding, sort of lol. Le sigh. Look, I know that motherhood is one of the greatest joys in a mom’s life, but it comes with so many physically and emotionally draining challenges, and that can include meal planning, food shopping, cooking, and sometimes eating. And I don't want that for you.

In this episode, I share 7 things every mom needs to know about meal planning, as well as a few things I want you to unlearn. I will talk about:

  • what needs to be done before you plan out your family meals
  • how to easily grocery shop for the food you need
  • different ways to cook less during the week
  • myths directly related to meal planning and cooking as a mom
  • getting regular help in the kitchen
  • making mealtimes more manageable for you and your family and more
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