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Pinning Recipes on Pinterest is Not a Meal Planning Strategy, But This Is: My Quick and Easy Method to Planning Your Family Meals in 10 Mins or Less

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Disclaimer: this is not/will not be a Pinterest bashing episode. Pinterest is a great and useful app, and I have been using it for years.

If you really stopped to think about it, when using Pinterest, we tend to pin stuff to our boards more than we refer back to them. And a lot of the moms I meet are pinning way more recipes than they are actually cooking, while still being unable to decide on what to make for their family meals from week to week. That's because while Pinterest is a great meal planning resource, pinning recipes on Pinterest is not a meal planning strategy.

In this episode, you will learn my quick and easy method to planning meals for your family in 10 mins or less, and how to get those pinned recipes made!

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