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EP#010 | Bruce Parry | A Voice From The Forest

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This is the last episode of SE#01 of The Body Knows Podcast. Thanks to all who have listened throughout the series, to those we have met and spoken with, and who have reached out, inspired by what you have heard. This was our purpose in creating the show and makes our work worthwhile.

Our final guest is Bruce Parry; English documentarian; indigenous rights advocate, author, explorer, and former Royal Marines commando officer. His documentary series for the BBC: Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic have shown Bruce exploring extreme environments, living with remote indigenous peoples and highlighting many of the issues on the environmental frontline. What started out as a simple desire for adventure for him developed into a profound love for humanity and nature that comes with having experienced first-hand what our way of life is doing in the world.

He is best known for his time spent living with Indigenous Peoples, and for bringing awareness of the shamanic use of psychedelic plant medicine to the mainstream, as well as his investigations into globalisation and climate change. Bruce's latest film; “TAWAI – A Voice from the Forest, is about how humankind has shifted its connection to nature with devastating results and suggests how we might return to the egalitarian structures we lived in for 95% of our time on the planet before the agricultural revolution.

This is a deep and wide ranging conversation taking in; awareness practices, psychedelics and shadow work, the nature of spirit and consciousness via the lenses of felt sense, indigenous wisdom, meditative awareness and scientific study and the possiblity for evolution through egalitarian revolution. We dive too into this vision for life informed by ancestral wisdom, through an innate, heart lead connection to the natural order, the peoples he has met who embody this and the importance of this in order to find something bigger than ourselves. Bruce outlines what the new cultural narratives and tools and could be in order for us to live truly grounded, and egalitarian lives beyond our Western, individualistic patriarchal power structures so that we might discover what it truly means to be fully ourselves.

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You can find Bruce online at where there's more about his filmmaking, his talks and writing on pyschedelics, ecology, and power and reveloution as well as links to further interviews. There’s also an extensive, dedicated site for TAWAI with further resources, study materials and outtakes at Bruce’s social links are on Instagram, and on Youtube - where, among a number of other extracts from his extensive travels is the full length TAWAI documentary.

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Thanks once again to you all. See you for SE#02 later in the year, and in the meantime remember to listen to the body because The Body Knows.

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