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Bonus EP#011 | Still Flowing | Yoga & Somatic Training

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Welcome to this bonus episode to the Body Knows Podcast, which Marcela has recorded by herself between seasons. This bonus episode is about the upcoming Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training, and in conversation we have a former guest of the show; Gemma Mallol, founder of SFYTT, a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Senior Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness teacher. Also Blanche Mullholand, Somatic Movement Educator, Body Worker and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. And, Marcela Wakeham, Senior Yoga Teacher, Movement Therapist, and Experiential Anatomist. The three together are the principle teaching staff of the training, along with Neville Cregan, who delivers the history and philosophy of yoga The conversation touches into the core of Marcela's own somatic practice, as it is the journey of contemporary yoga teacher training in the field of somatics. And what is somatics? Well somatics is the body, the ability of the mind to be aware of the host. It is as well a guidance to follow natural patterns imprinted in cells and movement initiation from different tissues or body systems. Somatics is a returning to the natural intelligence which is vast and enriched ancestral knowledge. Like Emilie Conrad, one of the pioneers of somatic movement in the 60s, says: “The body can be seen as a resonation chamber in which the player of breath becomes a kind of music. The versatility of breath invites ranges of new sensations, responses – new awareness develop, new relationships are formed. The versatility of breath allows our organism to become more diverse, increasing our options to interact in new ways. Breath enlivens our internal functioning, allowing more to exist.” In the new ways we find ourselves living in our technological world it is so important to establish a direct contact with sensations, and to have a practice which encourages free expression, harnessing the natural development of inner wisdom. Yoga & somatics is a new trend that has been rapidly taking shape, and gaining popularity, but like most new trends it can have its pitfalls, and it is important find a truly qualified somatic practitioner, one who is not teaching form the head, and for that it takes years of experience, practicing the art of going in, as well as years of practice to make sense of how to teach it, paired with continuous self-actualization. Still flowing yoga Teacher Training was established in 2008, offering trainings internationally, a highly regarded as a pioneering program in integrating contemporary somatic insights and mindfulness with yoga. It is a 200 hour training accredited by UK Yoga Alliance and is delivered by us as experienced teachers, who are all highly respected in our field of expertise. The training will take place at The Yoga Garden in West Sussex in the U.K. A beautiful natural Centre, it is found within the 3,500 acre rewilding project that is the Knepp Estate. The training takes place in a handcraft yurt set within a wild flower meadow, accompanied by the chorus of uplifting birdsongs. For registration and enquiries contact [email protected] For more details about the course tutors please see our websites. Gemma Mallol Blanche Mulholland Ana Marcela Wakeham  We hope you enjoy this bonus episode about the journey and integration of somatics into yoga teacher trainings, which goes hand by hand with the story and journey of us as teachers. We'll be doing another bonus episode next month too and as ever please share this episode with anyone you think it may be of benefit to and rate and review on Apple Podcast if it speaks to your heart.

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