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BONUS EP#013 | Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom | Marcela & Mat Wakeham

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Hello Everyone, It has been a while since we have been in your ears, and it’ll be while yet until we return with a second season of the podcast. However we have this extra conversation we want to share with you, and it’s with us. We were interviewed on the "Be On Air" podcast from The Podcast Farm and we enjoyed it so much that we thought we would share it ourselves. It seems like the perfect mid-season break as it dives into both Mat and Marcela’s origin stories and how we began collaborating on mind-body healing, and on The Body Knows podcast together. In doing so we explore topics like understanding our mind-body connection and why it's important, as well as ways to ground yourself, the influence of western cultural systems, patriarchy, masculinity, self-love, as well as a couple of tips for successful podcasting and so much more. We’ve had a busy summer while the podcast has been on hold, running Temazcalli sweat lodges at the Good Vibrations festival together with the help of our dear friend Eddie from MangoMovement - , for Marcela the Still Flowing Yoga and Somatics Teacher Training is taking place at the Yoga Garden in West Sussex. Her Cacao Spirit Initation with Maru Bibian Albor is underway and she’s cooking up new ancestral, somatic offerings with her dear friend Gemma Mallol. Mat has been building a mentoring program for men, helping to guide them towards a state of wholeness and divine masculine sexuality while continuing his bodywork training with Michelle Roberton. If you want to check any of what we are up to out the links to our personal socials are in the Instagram and Facebook bios for The Body Knows. Host of the "Be On Air" podcast, K-Lee Marks, brings his listeners on multidisciplinary conversations with extraordinary coaches, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs that astonish, educate, and it was an honour to be guest on the show, which is all about using the power of your voice to amplify what you love. CONVERSATION OVERVIEW Introduction Mat and Marcela’s origins? Collaboration and beginning a journey together Why get into your body? How to ground with your body Western cultural system of patriarchy Ancestral trauma in our DNA The Body Knows Podcast Tips for other podcasters Group podcast coaching Podcast shoutouts Final messages As ever please like, comment and review on your favourite podcast channels and tag us on socials if you share there. Follow @thepodcastfarm on Instagram for updates about the podcast! Follow @embodiedpractices on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about Marcela’s courses and retreats! Want to talk about your podcast? Connect with K.Lee and The Podcast Farm Book a free strategy session to talk about your podcast: Join the podcast farmers FB group and grow your show!

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