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Unveiling the Inner Canvas: the Neuropsychology of Creativity and Imagination, with Rosa Aurora Chavez

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When you think of a familiar memory, colors, images, scents and emotions can come to mind. Our imaginations hold the ability to transform even the simplest of experiences into sensorial memories. It is this same creativity that resides at the heart of the therapeutic hour. Inside the confines of the therapy room, we possess the power to recreate images that encapsulate our inner worlds and give voice to the thoughts and emotions that accompany us day after day.

Rosa Aurora Chavez is a graduate and board-certified psychoanalyst, currently serving as a teacher and supervisor at both the Washington-Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis and the China America Psychoanalytic Alliance. She is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. Rosa Aurora's expertise extends beyond her clinical practice as a researcher studying creativity and the creative process, exploring its interconnection with mental health.

On this episode of the Art of Listening, Rosa Aurora shares the story of a vibrant upbringing immersed in the world of art, and how it fueled her fascination around the creative process. Through her research, she has delved into the inner workings of creativity, shedding light on what stifles its potential and, conversely, what nurtures its flourishing. In her work as an analyst, she goes on discovering the purpose and the power of creativity.  Together, we will uncover what lies at the nexus of creativity and mental health, and explore the role of imagination in the therapeutic process.

Join us as we venture into the human mind, to tap into the power of imagination and explore its potential to impact our lives.


1 - Rosa Aurora’s upbringing and introduction to science and art

2 - Rosa Aurora’s research findings on the creative process

3 - How Rosa Aurora’s findings brought her back to analysis

4 - The use of creativity and imagery in the therapeutic setting

5 - The connection between creativity and love in Psychoanalysis


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