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The Path to Self-Empowerment: Prioritizing Well-Being and Self-Care with Jamie Cromer Grue

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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, some words of advice keep coming back around: “Look after yourself”, “self-care first”... Simple, in theory. But how do we truly prioritize our well-being? What can we do to build confidence and strength, and balance out our emotions, when life challenges us? Today’s guest has long grappled with these fundamental questions. 

Jamie Cromer Grue is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst with over 25 years of clinical experience. She serves as an Executive Board member at the New Orleans-Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center and on the committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Outside of her therapeutic practice, she is also the CEO of Windows to Wisdom, a holistic wellness learning community for women.

On this episode of the Art of Listening, Jamie shares how she has embraced her intent to care in her professional and personal life. From her first steps into psychotherapy to finding a new spiritual approach to healing, Jamie has committed herself to self-care at every turn. Today, she reflects on the challenges encountered along the way and shows us how to leave a place of burnout and dissatisfaction, to find a new beginning.

Tune into Eileen and Jamie’s conversation for a true lesson in self-love, independence, and strength. 


1 - From Business to Psychology and Psychoanalysis

2 - How to find your voice and correct past behaviors

3 - Exploring the benefits of holistic practices

3 - Aligning mind, body, and spirit: Jamie’s personal story of spiritual discovery 

5 - Committing to self-care to better heal others 


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