The Art of Listening podcast

From Connection to Everlasting Love: How Listening Cultivates Successful Relationships with Enrico Gnaulati

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From the first beat of our hearts to our final moments of connection, love weaves its way through every aspect of our lives, guiding and enriching us. This life force goes beyond our conventional understanding of romance. Love is also the bonds we share with our friends, the support and care we receive from our families, and the self-love and compassion we cultivate within ourselves.

As natural as it can be, love is complex. Developing our capacity to both give and receive it is an achievement in its own right; and it’s another challenge to sustain meaningful relationships. Most often, these questions are the very reason we come to therapy.

Enrico Gnaulati
knows this to be true. As a highly experienced clinical psychologist and author with over three decades of expertise working with children, adults, and couples, he has studied the balance of patience, understanding, and compromise required to maintain deep connections.

On this episode of The Art of Listening, Enrico uncovers the common thread that unifies successful and enduring relationships: the art of deep listening. Drawing inspiration from his own marital experiences and dedicated work with couples, Enrico imparts the wisdom of his latest book, ‘Flourishing Love: A Secular Guide to Lasting Intimate Relationships’. He explores how the pillars of listening, attention, and communication form intimate and lasting connection. He also shares his latest interests in therapeutic practice; his enduring labour of love.  

Together, we delve into the fundamental questions of what healthy love truly looks like, and the profound growth that comes from embracing vulnerability.


1 - Enrico's upbringing and trajectory to psychotherapy, from children’s to couples' work (4:24)

2 - The intricate and complex dynamic therapists face within couples therapy (11:30)

3 - The power of "virtues", and essential qualities to long-lasting, successful relationships (18:04)

4 - The value of attention in relationships, and how to be a deep listener (25:48)

5 - Enrico’s view on the importance of relationships and human connection (29:23)


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