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Mark-Jan Fioole, MJ Aquascaping

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My guest for episode 7 is aquascaper and YouTuber Mark-Jan Fioole from his popular channel MJ Aquascaping. Based in The Netherlands, Mark has grown up in a culture where aquariums are a much more common fixture in homes and offices, and the overall hobby of aquarium keeping has a long and established history. During the pandemic, Mark made the transition from just posting his aquascaping hobby on social media to starting a committed YouTube channel, which has quickly gained momentum in the wake of Mark's laid back and direct approach to teaching aquascaping basics and more.

In our conversation we explore Mark's rise to becoming an aquarium content creator, talk about tips and topics from his many videos, as well as his insightful report on the overall aquarium scene in The Netherlands, and much more.

YT: @MJAquascaping

IG: @mj.aquascaping

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