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Alex Vella, alexscapes

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Alex Vella is an avid aquarist, aquascaper, terrarium and paludarium creator, and co-host of The Aquascaping Type, a popular YouTube channel that showcases the art of creating and maintaining beautiful aquatic environments in home aquariums. With a passion for all things aquatic, Alex is constantly experimenting with different plants, fish, and invertebrates to create stunning displays in her own small aquariums and terrariums. In addition to her work on The Aquascaping Type, Alexandra is also a brand ambassador for Oase, a leading manufacturer of high-quality aquarium equipment. You can also find her busy at every AquaShella, where she is always enthusiastically creating and sharing. Whether she is sharing her expertise on YouTube or helping others bring their aquascaping visions to life, Alex is dedicated to spreading the joy and beauty of aquatic life.

In our conversation we take a casual approach to discussimg a wide variety of topics including her work in her home studio, he deep exploration of the small paludarium style, her new online venture offering complete terrariums, supplies, and equipment, and much more.

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